Listen to Your Discontent

by Big Dudee Roo

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released December 17, 2011

Big Dudee Roo:
Justin Dore - lead guitar, backing vocals
Aurora Lewis - lead vocals
Max Lockwood - lead vocals, bass, acoustic guitars, keys, cello, songs
Kurt Rizley - drums
Nate Wagner - banjo, guitar, songs

with special guests:
Samuel Seth Bernard - lap steel guitar, Rhodes on track 12
Karisa Wilson - violin
Alex Hamel - percussion, organ on track 3

Engineered by Alex Hamel.
Mixed by Alex Hamel and Max.
Produced by BDR and Alex Hamel.
Mastered by Glenn Brown (
Photos by Jon Mollema (
Disc art, lino-cuts, handmade paper by Nate.
Artwork layout and design by Paul Golm and Nate.



all rights reserved


Big Dudee Roo Grand Rapids, Michigan

Big Dudee Roo is committed to rock and roll, and the making of it. Started by high school friends Justin Dore, Max Lockwood, Kurt Rizley and Nate Wagner in the small town of Wayland, MI, the band has matured into a powerhouse of driving rhythms, heavy guitars, and thoughtful, poetic lyricism, combining the raw energy of Crazy Horse with the polish of Pearl Jam and Tom Petty. ... more


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Track Name: Raven in the Wintertime
Raven in the wintertime, alighting on my mind
give me dreams and mend the seams across these broken skies
'cause I cannot see through the clouds to the places where you go
call to me from sleeping trees and tell me what you know
yeah, show me what you know

Your mysteries reveal themselves when my mind is out of place
I couldn't say just what they mean but I can feel it in your grace
so spread your wings of colored glass before you hide behind the clouds
you've given me something to say but I don't yet know how
well I wanna shout it loud

Bring down your rain of crows to bear upon my thoughts
lonesome as they sometimes are I haven't learned to stop
well I wanna be what you must see locked away inside of me
to bring the end of who I've been could finally set it free
will you take me to be free?
Track Name: I've Been Wrong Before
I've been wrong before
and I've been knocking at deadlocked doors
yeah, I've been wrong before tonight

Moonlight fills this quiet scene
you, me and these vacant streets
I've seen enough to know where this must lead

I've been thinking about
all the runaways I've been around
with their cloudy eyes on roads with empty signs

The space between is dark and wide
I send my ship across the night
I feel light from you like a distant moon

Authority leads us astray
and drowns the voice inside, so faint
if we tie together we might still find our way
back inside again

I've been waiting around
for a key and a loving sound
to leave your lips and fill this emptiness

The ocean waits to take you away
and I can't find the words to say
what I feel tonight, I know that you can't bear
to let yourself stay

I've been thinking about
all the runaways who run aground
and find themselves on shores they thought they escaped
Track Name: Being Free
Lying by a dying fire with the full moon around my eyes
thoughts drowned in frogsong, a good friend by my side
the river was rolling by, quiet into my mind
I closed my lids and my eyes were sent back to a time when

There was a feast in the river, all down the line
like a taste from the giver, the giver of your mind
there was a cry and then a shiver running down my spine

People were just human then, another part of this breathing ground
they quarreled and cried, they were born and died
and they laid together when the night sank down
but when the cannibal tide rolled by, drowned their hearts and stole their pride
the land withdrew its open mind and the river was vacuumed dry

Wide open and breathing, teeming with life and death and life again
poisoned and seething with the black breath of industry, seeing stars through a haze
stolen and torn asunder, dying and brought to you by genocide
restoring and imploring, fighting, rewilding, and still giving
this land isn't our land this land is its own

The half-moon haloed by slow, translucent clouds
sifting through a haze of hostile city light to arrive on your face
anonymous and unacknowledged, forgotten with so much timeless knowledge
of how to live and how to die and how to be a human being, being free
Track Name: The Last Breath of Summer
So take my sense of wonder
to the outskirts of my comfort
feel the last breath of summer
escape your lungs and shudder
through your lips and into me
the fingers grip so pleasantly

That autumn scent that came and went and
left the bare-limbed present tense on me

So take that burden off me
with the words you spoke so softly
when your breath finds its way
to swarm my ears and then straight
behind my face, into my brain
stir through my heart and fill my veins
Track Name: The Living Kind
An abandoned factory building
where subversive thoughts combine
foundations begin to crumble
as the fists they start to rise

When the aimless blade of science
lies in the wetiko hands
they've come to take another
live of a living land

And the feeling's taken over
and it's that of a living kind
so go and tell the others
that wisdom is hard to find

Sun's light in every footstep
stardust in every tear
in the forest of kinship
life's never felt so near

All hearts will mesh together
and remember how to see
all bodies are connected
it's a bond of everything

The feeling's taken over
Track Name: Beautiful Justice
I know that time will not change you
but there are so many who wish it to
I'll rip their heads out from the sand
if they still can't see I'll put them back again

The edifice of power stands in the way
of those who would fight for life to stay
but there are psychopaths who hide behind it
and they have names, faces and addresses

We're gonna sink your bodies in the earth you fear and let them rot
leave you lying helpless for the crows they go for the eyes
justice dealt so beautifully as you become that which you hate
soil will torture your soul as your death brings new life

You know that life stands on the line
and those who destroy don't take their time
and they'll never stop 'cause we ask nice
this culture's diseased and wants to die

I'll run with you if you'll stand by me
we'll hold hands and let our fear be released
I'll stand by you if you'll ride with me
we'll hold hands and let our fear...
Track Name: You Are Your Own
I can't believe in it
if it can't believe in me
please stop indulging me
with images of what I don't want to be
I said no, but no just turns you on
it's an evil trick you've built for yourself
take what you want then leave it broken on the floor
like a burnt-out lightbulb you can't use anymore

She believes, though she doesn't know
that she doesn't know what's best for herself
how to reconcile what you've always known in your bones
with the ambience of a culture in which you'll never feel at home
It teaches you and it teaches me and we teach each other
to quiet our desires and submit to a higher power
it's make-believe and they'll make you bleed til you agree
that domination is the force that moves the world
And it teaches you and it teaches me and we teach each other
guilt and shame and no connection, and it's too late to change direction
it teaches you and it teaches me and we teach each other
and when we get close we still feel far from one another

There are no higher authorities
There is no need to heed the majority
There are no higher authorities
You are your own
Track Name: Crimson Trains and Gray Twilight
Crimson trains and grey twilight
been talking with the northern lights
that ancient language still lingers in my head
makes my heart race, no words said

Do you feel the same, do you feel the same, do you feel the same?

Crimson trains and grey twilight
pull the shades and rest my eyes
and disconnect me from the forge of my time
my heart needs relation words can't find

Do you feel the same, do you feel the same, do you feel the same?

Forgot what we had missed out on
being born beneath an artificial sun
never seen the stars, or what they all look like
been twenty-one years, don't seem right

Do you feel ashamed, do you feel ashamed, do you feel ashamed?
'Cause I feel ashamed, I feel ashamed, I feel ashamed

Crimson trains and grey twilight
white pines that filled the sky
we've seen tragedy from the comfort of our h.o.m.e.s.
unwilling to accept, yet always known

Do you feel the same, do you feel the same, do you feel the same?
Track Name: Let It Rise
Hey y'all, what you after?
ringing with hollow laughter
you know that time will take you down
Listen to your discontent
there's something there that's brewing
ask what it wants and heed its call
In time all things must pass
I know you know that's true but
it seems you take this life for granted
We're young, and it's hard
to be a child of alienation
but narcissism isn't what we need

Hey y'all, what's the matter
your emptiness has shattered
see fists rise across the sea
Celebrate this discontent
hold hands and let it rise
souls showing, naked in your eyes
Thousands march and thousands stand
and thousands scream out their demands
feelings they never knew they had
This is the rise of a new world
we've been its gestation
now it's born, crying into the air
Track Name: Flowers for a Crow
It's so easy to get lost inside your home
a windowless room where you can only feel alone
where the sun can't run its fingers through your hair
and let you know you're always there
and it's not easy when you're digging up a grave
aim to revive the life you know that you must save
and put this one in its place

Learning how to be reborn
lift your knife and let life take hold

I can never know what I have never felt
these bones aren't hollow they're just untapped
a child feels the earth breathe around her feet
and I can hear all the voices if I only let them speak
I take this gentle spade though I have yet to learn the art
and blindly peer into the outskirts of my heart

Picking flowers for a crow
you have your friends and I have mine

Think of all the times that you can still recall
when this world seemed to hold any meaning at all
possibilities perched on the shoulders of the wind
and as a kid you searched for where truth was hidden
how many a language has ceased to pass from lips or leaves?
everywhere our kin is on the run, and if love
can't move you to act, have you forgotten how to breathe?

Picking flowers for a crow
you have your friends and I have mine
Leaving all I've known behind
you have your life and I have mine

*partly based on the poem "Flowers for a Crow" by Richard Brautigan
Track Name: Making Memories

He always said, with a grin,
"It's all about making memories"--
the better part of twenty years spent
as a drummer on the road
with unknown bands in dark bars,
summer festivals
and Econoline vans--

the stories are all he has left,
the only things that cut through
the thousand-mile stare.
The present only has weight
when it becomes the past
and going home is like
watching himself in a dream.

Making memories
forgetting the present


The road always called to him,
a distant, unattainable lover
sleeping in the future
on California shores.
With bass guitar in hand
and mop-shock of black hair on his head,
he followed like a gas-powered ghost.

Forty years pass by like cars
on freeways, the bulk of them spent
as a driver over-the-road.
Hauling fifty-three feet
of water heaters,
loading and unloading them
like faces and towns in his mind.

Making memories
forgetting the present
Making memories
falling face-first into the future


Memories come rushing back
like a flooded collage
spilled across space and time.
Faces resurface where they don't belong
and seventy years spent
with sound, practiced mind
are washed away and scattered.

He drove a truck like his son,
who he drove away to the West,
to follow a future that wound through time
and flowed back to its source.
He was a scab-busting union man
and now our pride and the stories
are all that's left of his mind.

Making memories
forgetting the present