by Big Dudee Roo

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Big Dudee Roo:
Max Lockwood
Justin Dore
Aurora Lewis
Amanda Smith
Nate Wagner
Kurt Rizley

Music written by Max and BDR. Words by Max.

Recorded, engineered and mixed by Alex Hamel at Hollow Earth Studio in Grand Rapids, MI. Mastered by Andrew Mitchell at Audio Bay Studio in Rockford, MI.


released September 1, 2010



all rights reserved


Big Dudee Roo Grand Rapids, Michigan

Big Dudee Roo is committed to rock and roll, and the making of it. Started by high school friends Justin Dore, Max Lockwood, Kurt Rizley and Nate Wagner in the small town of Wayland, MI, the band has matured into a powerhouse of driving rhythms, heavy guitars, and thoughtful, poetic lyricism, combining the raw energy of Crazy Horse with the polish of Pearl Jam and Tom Petty. ... more


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Track Name: Michigan
They say home is where the heart is
Well I need to get my heart back again
There’s people everywhere I turn
So why the hell do I feel so alone
Get on that train
On that train and don’t look back again

There’s something strong, it pulls you back
When you’re away to the place where you come from
A longing from the heart detached
Grows and grows ‘til you get back again
So I’ll ride that train
Ride that train back home to Michigan

It hurts to know that things have changed
Ones who stayed moved on since I’ve been gone
I missed you then but I didn’t know why
Now I know that change it had to come
But once I get back
Once I get back will this all just melt away?

It does no good to tell myself
Everything happens for a reason
It does nothing to ease the mind
'Til all this trouble is far behind
So I’m going back to Michigan
Going back let this work be done by time
Track Name: Be Present
Doldrums lift me up
Swing me round and set me down
I want to feel for once, that’s all
Don’t need to feel anymore
That beauty is smiling at me
Showing me its teeth, beckoning
I can see it far out on the horizon
And I think that will be quite enough for me

We’re gonna drink it down, down, down
While we all are rising up
Swing me round, swing me round, round, round
‘Til you collapse, belly up

I’m under the spell though I don’t know what it is
Only need another body to share it with

Be Present, Be Present
Sympathetic when you’re part of the sound
Smell the sights that are all around
Empathetic with the plight of the ground
Feel the world that revolves around
Track Name: Theory & Drive
Standing knee deep in my own footsteps
Same ones I walked so many times before
Thinking about the times yet to pass
And the dreams that have been cast in stone
Movers, shakers, and Takers
Look down on me from someplace on high
Don’t mind me, I’ll say, as they trod me down
I’m just watering the burden that’s growing on my mind

This morning I woke up and cursed the sun
‘Cause in my dream you were there
Laughing and smiling back at me
I held you close and lost all care
Sometimes my eyes they see too far
gazing off around the bend
There I will be waiting, waiting for you
and all to see as mine eyes do

I don’t know and I can’t find that buried treasure, peace of mind
Locked away in time
We’re so caught up in time
I don’t know and I can’t find that elusive line
Between theory and drive
There’s always so much on my mind

Spring is come and things they bloom again
I still don’t know where to begin
Turned that corner, but here I am alone
Knee deep in the sorrow that’s been sown
Track Name: Yours Is My Origin
Hello, I’m new around here
Just opened my eyes
This body’s been walking around
But I’m just now finding my way back inside
Breathe deep and I breathe in you
Yours is my origin
Know myself when I bind with you
Who can say where I end and another begins?
You knew me well as a boy
In the backyard under your shade
But it’s still so hard to leave my mind
I hate that I ever was taught to be this way
But this is not the way it has to be
And another world’s on its way
From an older day when we still could speak
To everyone we now call everything

Feels good to crawl back inside
The eternal womb
But I find it scarred and brittle
It makes my heart race to see so much entombed
Spent some time in the concrete mimic
Of any normal place to live and be
Everything of human origin
I can’t think with all these mirrors reflecting back on me
Now I’m back in a kinder space
And there’s still so much we have to replace
Feel the leaves blowing in the trees
Trying to remember how it feels to be free

And I know that wherever I may go
I’ll always carry you with me in this unfolding
In the way that a seashell always carries the ocean
Track Name: People Said No
What if the sun looked out one morning
With a different light
And all the people said No
To endless toil, a darkening veil
And progress made with nothing to show
But loss and consequence
Awakened, eyes awide, 10,000 years gone by
Now where do we go from here?

Back to the balance of all things
And the beauty that can still be seen
If you remember how to look

If we wish to stop the atrocities
We merely need to step away from the isolation
There’s a whole world out there awaiting our return
Ready to welcome us home
Let’s go home

To the heart of the world
That we haven’t known for so long
That we’ve forgotten how it feels
To be a part of the whole
A part of it all

Yes, judgment day is on its way
But no savior on a pedestal awaits
And nobody here, even those pure of heart
Can be saved by only faith
You can’t forgive all that we’ve done
And all we’ve caused

We built ourselves an aircraft then forgot how to fly
Now we’re struggling against the world, falling through her sky
So come along with me, all you that see this fate
But don’t yet open your parachutes, ‘cause this machine will not change
Once we know that this aircraft has plunged down to its demise
We can float down behind, hoping that we survive
To see the new sun rise
Track Name: Life Wants To Live
In these bleak days
It’s good to see your smiling face
Brown eyes make me forget
To stay wrapped up in my own head
If you should find me
All alone, eyes far, far away
I’ll find my way back before too long, so
Just pick me up before you go
We’ve learned never to be
Fully in the present tense
Because to feel what’s there
Might mean to feel all the sorrow and despair
But this isn’t really living
We’re only fending off death
What is there to live for
Ask yourself, what is there to die for?

Time has comet
To decide where you’ll belong
Time is now
To decide between right and wrong
I know it’s hard
To break through the haze and think for yourself
But I know it’s wrong
To stand by and watch as this evil train barrels on

Do you merely want to feel alright
As life crumbles around your ears
Well, I prefer to burn with the honest truth
Know I’m alive when I taste the tears
The next generations
They’re gonna wonder, what the hell were you doing?
When they look back on all we’ve done, and all that we’ve not done
Before turning back to their broken world
So much has been destroyed
But life is still so, so good
And that’s all the reason I need
To die knowing I gave all that I could

Time has come
To decide where you’ll belong
Time is now
To defend that which you love
I know it’s wrong
‘Cause neutrality is complicity
But I know it’s right
To fight like hell against all the evil you see
And I know it’s right
‘Cause I can feel it in my bones
And I know it’s right
‘Cause I can taste it in the wind
And I know it’s right
Because you always get more when you give
And I know it’s right
‘Cause life wants to live