Dudee Free

by Big Dudee Roo

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Matt Marn
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Matt Marn Surprising sound... love the extra effects, on top of the already amazing country-rock sound they have going. And best of all for me, the LYRICS! The imagery and pictures they paint are outstanding Favorite track: Here in our Hands.
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released December 22, 2015



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Big Dudee Roo Grand Rapids, Michigan

Big Dudee Roo is committed to rock and roll, and the making of it. Started by high school friends Justin Dore, Max Lockwood, Kurt Rizley and Nate Wagner in the small town of Wayland, MI, the band has matured into a powerhouse of driving rhythms, heavy guitars, and thoughtful, poetic lyricism, combining the raw energy of Crazy Horse with the polish of Pearl Jam and Tom Petty. ... more


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Track Name: Islands of Light
I built a staircase to the stars / and if you'll hold my hand / we could walk up to the dark that they divide // It's kind of like the spaces / that we drift between / like boats pointed toward islands of light // I won't ask any questions / You don't have to say a word / we will be like an answer / they've never heard // Looking into the water / the stars shake like candle lights / lit under the surface at night // Are you hiding under there? / my vision is so impaired / I can't read the expression on your face // Won't you throw me a bone / something I can hold on to / like a doorway that could hold my eyes in place // I won't ask any questions / you don't have to say a word / we'll unlock the cryptic answers / forgotten at birth // Ascending to the top / we'll step off the highest stair / and fall into the darkness gathered there // It's kind of like the water / you swam in late that night / while I watched from the dock in the moonlight // Sinking deeper down / like bullets shot in the ground / we'll float like sweet vertigo in flight // You can ask me any questions / I'll answer all without a word / meaning like buried seeds of birds / from the earth will sing //
Track Name: Nothing Good Today
My heart was in a bucket, my head was on the floor / and crying does something like a little stream of whisky does / and I ain't done nothing good today // I can't stop coughing so I might just give up smoking / if I did my days would end up broken down / and I ain't done nothing good today // and I hope tomorrow don't end up the same / 'cause I ain't done nothing good today // It's been a while since I cut myself wide open / I still don't know exactly what I'm hoping for / I ain't done nothing good today //
Track Name: Heavy Weather
I kinda want to settle in / but I'm never sure what's on your mind / Stop flying my head around / I know it doesn't make sense / you light up a cigarette in defense / Stop dragging my heart around / Now I ain't afraid of a little emotion / so why not let the waters rise and show some? // I hear the river that you try to keep down / running all through you with a rushing sound / I'd like a strong drink from your cup / and I don't ever want it watered down // It's a long time we had to wait / now I just want to celebrate with you / I'd like to fall like a feather / brush across the edges of your mind / but maybe I came like heavy weather / and stirred up things you try to hide // (Chorus) // Like a two-track winding through the woods / can't see how far it leads / Is this just a seasonal road that we're on? / We won't know unless we ride it out // (Chorus) //
Track Name: Here in our Hands
I will stand in the grass on a sunny day thinking about all that has passed / behind me, in front of me, over me and under me and through me like a pane of smudged glass / barefoot chills in the early spring morning air, feeling the thaw in my toes / humming a tune to the breeze that blows like a thought that wasn't my own // I'll walk these city streets down to the market where people stand shuffling around / How'd we ever think we were gonna save the world if we couldn't even save ourselves? / Hand to hand passing food pulled from the land in ways that we can understand / There's always more work to be done but this is work people are doing right now // All things have their season and don't need a reason / so I don't mind laying low until the weather's right // I won't ignore those clouds passing overhead, everything has something to show / The rivers inside are poisoned by lies that follow us wherever we go / I'll walk hand in hand with all my contradictions and still know where to take my stand / Sing a song to the rain, it falls to us / the revolution's here in our hands //
Track Name: Waking Up
If all that I need is the sorrow that I breathe / then I'll let my bad habits kill me / I forgot what I said but it don't matter yet / I rely on words to catch me // And I would try to say / if I knew how to breathe // You woke me up but I'm already gone / it might be late but my shadow lingers on / Take my head and bury it in sound / Waking up only brings me down // Now I'm all alone and I'm years from home but / tenderness is calling / Got nothing to expect and a pack of cigarettes, I'll be / headed in your direction // (Chorus) // Think I'll pack it up, all my money's spent / the road burned a hole in the Best of Merle cassette / and I didn't think I had that much to lose / Now I don't understand what I thought I knew // (Chorus) //
Track Name: Ghost of Love
So I guess this is how the story ends / now we turn and learn to begin again / Though it seems like there's nowhere in this world for our love to go / I know we gave it life of its own // Summer sun will force you up into the light / of long days, thick and bittersweet / I need a storm to come and break up all the heat of this misery / to come on strong and wash my love clean // And I'll sing / sing my love into the sky and let it ride / ride high and sing back to me // These nights my heart has beaten heavy against / the space you filled, weighing down my chest / It seems the ghost of our love follows me wherever I go / It haunts my sleep and won't let go // And I'll sing / sing away the fear and just let it die / let it die and rest awhile / sing my love into the sky and let it ride / ride high and sing back the world // Will these dreams find a grave / and go to seed with all we gave? / I don't know how to let them go / and follow down that winding road //